What is Kunye, The Wine Wise?

We’re a club…a movement…that aims to grow more South African wine appreciators. We want to see more diversity in the South African wine landscape – from consumers to wine professionals. If you share our vision, we’d love for you to join us as we make our stand for a more inclusive and diverse wine landscape. Sign up. It’s free.

3.2 million South Africans consume alcohol


Only 18% of South Africans drink wine


53% of still wine is sold below R30.00


Next time you’re at a wine event, a tasting room, or a wine store…look around and consider how diverse the room feels. 1994 was a long time ago…we can do better. Let’s do better. Let’s drink better! Together.

The Club?

If you believe that wine should be more diverse and include every wine lover in South Africa, you should join us. We want this to become the wine club that speaks to, and represents us all. We’d love for you to stand up and be counted as one of the many people who believe we can all kuier over a glass of wine, together.

Why should you join?

• For now, you’ll have access to our introduction to wine eBook in English and Xhosa.

• You’ll also be the first to be invited to fun educational resources and experiences from time to time.

The Book?

The eBook? We’re still not sure how we ended up writing a 120+ page book…or why it’s the longest book title ever! But we can tell you that we’re hella proud that this introduction to wine eBook is available in English and Xhosa.

Our goal from the very beginning was to give everyone in South Africa access to solid wine information. So we had the book translated into Xhosa.  It’s the first time in the 360+ years of winemaking in South Africa that a wine book for consumers has been published in Xhosa.

Download our book…and encourage your friends to download it too. The more we know, the better we’ll drink!

The Wine?

After finishing the book, we knew we wanted to do more. We wanted to grow diversity not only in wine appreciators, but the industry too. We took a leap of faith and bottled a Chenin Blanc and Syrah sourced and made in the Swartland with the intention that ever cent of the profits would go towards funding a scholarship that will assist people to further their wine education.

Some of you supported our initiative – we thank you. But there weren’t enough cents. We’ve chosen to sell the Kunye wine brand to cover the remaining outstanding production costs. The new owners are an enthusiastic group of friends who are excited about running a wine brand. They can be reached via their facebook page or email kunyewines@gmail.com .

The Scholarship?

Our goal was to raise enough money through the wine sales to fund a few scholarships that would assist previously disadvantaged people in South Africa to further their wine education. Wine sales were not the way to do this. We’ve, sadly, failed to make any profit. We are currently exploring alternative, more traditional ways of raising funds for the scholarship.

About us?

Kunye was started by Cassidy Dart (Master of Wine) and Cape of Good Wine (not an MW).  We’ve co-hosted an online wine course…written a book…and have now started a non profit company (NPC Registration Number: 2020/ 926504/08 )

If you’d like to help in any way, connect with us at hello@thewinewise.com