We’re still not sure how we ended up writing a 120+ page book…or why it’s the longest book title ever!

But we can tell you that we’re hella proud that this introductory wine eBook is available in English and Xhosa.

This all started out as a casual and informal introductory wine course during the height of lockdown. We wanted to share our notes with the wine course attendees so that they’d be able to reference the information in their own time…with a little extra info to fill some of the gaps in our webinars. And suddenly, we had a book!

The book takes you through some of the history of winemaking over the centuries, viticulture, winemaking, wine styles, serving temperatures, a substantial chapter on learning to taste wine, and food and wine pairing. We then delve deeper into the 6 most popular grapes in South Africa – their origin, important countries where the wines are also made, winemaking, typical characteristics, and how we’d pair the wines. We also explore sparkling wines and fortified wines.

Our goal from the very beginning was to give everyone in South Africa access to solid wine information. So we had the book translated into Xhosa. We lucked out in finding a linguistics expert who’s currently doing his PhD in Xhosa…and we couldn’t be prouder of Mlondolozi Pute’s contribution to this project. It’s the first time in the 360+ years of winemaking in South Africa that a wine book for consumers has been published in Xhosa. It sounds a little braggy…but we’re giving ourselves a pat on the back!

We’d love it if you downloaded our book…and encourage your friends to download the book. The more we know, the better we’ll drink!

You can access the book by signing up to the club.