August Wine Workshop (Cape Town)

Upgrade your wine knowledge

So you kinda like wine…you probably like it a lot. You’re ready to know more about it and quite like the idea of becoming a wine geek. Well, we’re hosting our first in-person Wine Wise Workshop this August! If you’re interested, send us a mail at .

When is the course?

The course will be run over 4 Saturdays (5, 12, 19 and 26 August) from 12pm until 4pm in Heathfield, Cape Town. It’s a 15 minute stroll from Heathfield Station or the main road.

What does it entail?

Each Saturday we will cover a minimum of 4 grape varieties. The sessions will be intense and require concentration. By the end of the four weeks you will have tasted and learned about the major grape varieties and the role they play in South Africa.

Some light reading may be required in preparation for each Saturday session (sent as PDFs that can be read on your computer or phone – printed material will not be supplied). An optional test will be conducted at the end of the 4 sessions (this will also be online – no printed material will be supplied). 

WEEK 1: 
Viticulture + Viniculture
How to Taste and Assess Wine
Bordeaux white wines: Sauvignon Blanc + Sémillon + Bordeaux style white blend
Bordeaux red wines: Cabernet Sauvignon + Merlot + Bordeaux style red blend
WEEK 2: 
Aromatic white wines: Chenin Blanc + Riesling + Gewürztraminer + Muscat + Viognier
Shiraz + Grenache 
Rosé: Viticulture & Viniculture
WEEK 3: 
Pinotage + Pinot Noir
Sparkling Wines
WEEK 4: 
Pinot Grigio + Sangiovese + Nebbiolo
Fortified Wines: Sherry + Port + Muscat
Food and Wine Pairings

If you’re interested, send us a mail at .

Who may attend?

You must be 18 years or older, and commit to attending all 4 Saturdays. 

This course is best suited to:

  • waiters wanting a better understanding of the wines they are selling
  • those interested in becoming a sommelier
  • anyone who has a love for wine and is willing to become a wine geek

The course is limited to 12 people due to the logistics of seating, wine, and glassware.

As the goal is to form a local tasting group of equally knowledgeable wine appreciators that meet a few times each year – it is preferable for you to reside in Heathfield, Retreat, Steenberg or the immediate surrounding areas.

Who is this not for?

  • If you already have a solid understanding of wine – this specific course is not for you. However, please stay in contact with us as we’d love to have you join the tasting group once this introductory group has graduated.
  • If you are able to afford a certified wine course (Cape Wine Academy, WSET, etc) – this course is not for you. Please leave room for those who truly cannot afford to study wine because everyone deserves a chance to learn.
  • Please note that this course is not accredited. After 4 weeks you’ll be a certified wine appreciator!

What does it cost?

Nothing. Just your time, desire to learn, and commitment to attending all 4 Saturday sessions. Please note that I am funding this myself – no money is being taken away from the scholarship fund that we are building.

If you’re interested, send me a mail at .

Why are we running this course?

Why not? Or wine note?

  • Reading books and blogs are a great way to learn. But the best way to learn about wine is to taste it. This workshop aims to connect the wine in your glass with the history, wine growing and winemaking behind it.
  • Wine courses can be expensive. Wine education should not be limited to only those with the means to study. This workshop will level up your wine knowledge quickly – giving you the skills to choose wines with confidence, understanding and responsibility. And perhaps inspire you to study further.
  • The history of this country has had devastating effects on families and communities. And the wine industry has played a role in this. But, once you start to learn about wine more seriously, you’ll quickly realise that there’s little time to get drunk. You’ll learn to understand and respect what is in your glass. It’s a fun, nerdy hobby that lasts a lifetime. It also has career opportunities that can take you around the world.

This is also personal for me: I am tired of being in the minority at wine events and tastings. I’d like to be surrounded by more people who look like me. And I’d like to show you that, despite very little mention in wine textbooks and coffee table books, people who look like us have contributed to the SA wine industry. We deserve a seat at the table. We can start our own table.

The hope is that this workshop will spark a serious interest in wine, help develop more respect for the beverage, introduce you to the career potential of the industry, and show you that you deserve a seat at the wine table.